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Motion Capture | The Smart Goal Keeper

The ultimate gaming solution for soccer fans - #Generic Game Solution

Ready? Go! The Smart Goal Keeper is the ultimate gaming solution for those who love fun and competition. With our motion capture technology and multi-sensory training, you'll feel like you're on the field, and scoring points. Our game is perfect for events, carnivals. Come on and join the fun - let's see who can be the keeper!

The Smart Goal Keeper2.PNG
The Smart Goal Keeper.PNG




Client Profile

Client Name: Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum 




​- Create engaging mini game for entertainment  e.g. carnival, event, etc

- Multi-sensory training designed for kids &  elderly

- Enhance Social Interaction by competition in  mini-games


What Have We Done

- Equipped with digital display and Kinect Sensor

- Capture the movement and record the score

- The mini game is compatible with different 

  digital display, making the application

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