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Motion Capture | HealthTech Centre- IVE Kwai Chung

" Experience Health Education Like Never Before. Transforming Health Education for All Ages."

Discover the future of health education at HealthTech Centre at IVE Kwai Chung, where motion capture technology and interactive games come together to create a truly immersive experience. Our motion experience game and cognitive training programs are designed to improve hand and vision coordination and promote mental wellbeing.

With our transparent display showcase and interactive touch kiosk with CMS, visitors can access valuable health information in an engaging and seamless way. Start your journey towards better health!

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Client Profile

Client Name: HealthTech Centre- IVE Kwai Chung




​- Engage the visitor with customized Interactive Game

- Stimulate multi-sensory of the aged in realistic scenario, e.g. purchasing the food ingredients in the market

- Delivering the health information in an interactive way. e.g. Provide nutrition tips and appropriate cooking methods

- Provide  Cognitive Training in creative way


What Have We Done

- Motion Experience Game

  • 6” 3 X 3 Video Wall Motion Experience Game with Hand Traking Technology

  • Stimulate multi-sensory including Hand and Vision coordination

  • Customized game design with informative detail of food & nutrition

  • Designed cognitive training with mental arithmetic

- Transparent Display Showcase

  • 21.6” Transparent Display Showcase for information display, including video , image, text and the real product placement inside

- Interactive Touch Kiosk with CMS

  • 42” Touch Kiosk eCatalog with Content Managements System (CMS), which allows to mange the content of various display on one single platform

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