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Motion Capture | JOOX MUSIC -The Dancing Game in APM

It's time to get your groove on - with JOOX MUSIC's motion capture!
Dance to your own beat!

Let the music take over with JOOX MUSIC - The Dancing Game! Featuring a 58" touch screen and Kinect sensor technology, you'll be transported to a world of fun and excitement as you mirror the animations and dance your heart out. And with the ability to scan the QR code and download your music video, the party never has to end. So come on and join the rhythm - JOOX MUSIC is where it's at!





Client Profile

Client Name: JOOX MUSIC




​- Make the Branding Activities more engaging

- Data Collection

- Increased brand exposure through sharing in social platform


What Have We Done

- Customised interactive element of Music & Dance for JOOX

- Equipped with 58” Touch Screen with Kinect  Sensor

- Capture Player’s Body Movement with Kinect  Sensor During the game and mirror the animation in order to achieve a high score

- Scan QR code and download your music video for sharing

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