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Museum of Climate Change (MoCC )CUHK : Waste Sorting & Recycling The Leap Motion Game

Make a difference & Leap into action for a greener future with MoCC's game

The Museum of Climate Change (MoCC) CUHK invites you to explore the sustainable practices of recycling and waste sorting through innovative Leap Motion Technology.  

With a custom-made theme, the game provides an enhanced learning experience combining with gamification of ranking and scores. Play solo or challenge your friends to top of the game and become a sustainability champion!





Client Profile

Client Name: MoCC CUHK 




​- Interactive Engagement

- Enhanced Learning

- Social interaction in multi-player mode


What Have We Done

- Tailor-made theme on recycling and waste sorting knowledge

- Equip with Leap Motion Sensor for tracking hands movement

- Support Single player & Multi player mode

- Gamification with ranking & scores

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