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In response to the new collaboration with MOOV Music at K11 and Repulse Bay, Bose decided to make good use of the interactive solution, in the direction of achieving marketing objectives, improving customer experience, and increasing social engagement.


Mass Modules has developed two interactive solutions for this campaign. One of the solutions is “PhotoBox”. It attracts people to take photos with customized frame and props. Visitors can also either share to social media or instantly print out the photos.


Another solution is “Photo Streaming”. Visitors can see their photos on the broadcast photo streaming system, after taking photos. It enhances the social engagement and customer experience between Bose, MOOV Music and customers. It is an innovative idea for both Bose and MOOV Music to create big noise and brand awareness.



- Photobox

- Photo steaming

- Social media sharing

- Customized frame and props for photos

- Instant photo printing

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