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Motion Capture | CSD - 3D Uniform Virtual Fitting

#Hong Kong Correctional Services Museum #香港懲教博物館

Get ready to step into the costumes by leveraging motion capture technology. Let you try on virtual costumes and uniforms in real-time, bringing an immersive and engaging way . Perfect for museums and cultural events to deliver ultimate interactive experience for curious minds.





Client Profile

Client Name: Hong Kong Correctional Services  Museum 




​- Engage the attendees with interactive virtual  fitting

- Capture unique memory by Photo-taking

- Promote the museum by Photo Sharing in  different platforms


What Have We Done

- Equipped Kinect Motion Sensor for Kinect  Motion Tracking

- Display in 58” Touch Kiosk

- Support Multiple 3D Uniform Selection

- Auto Scale to Fit for Different Body

- Custom-made Photo Frame

- QR Code Photo Sharing

- Branding for the Museum with Customized  Virtual Fitting

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