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Youth Square Pioneers VR Solution for Stress Awareness

Face the Alarm Clocks, Conquer Your Stress with VR Solution

Discover how Youth Square is revolutionizing stress relief and mental health awareness through VR technology. Navigate a virtual world filled with countless alarm clocks symbolizing stressors, offering a novel and immersive way to understand and combat stress.

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Client Profile

Client Name: Youth Square

Industry:  Education, Non-Profit



​- Amplifying mental health education via VR technology

- Fostering stress and mental health dialogue  through an interactive platform

- Captivating public attention to stress management  importance

- Creating a supportive space for youth to navigate    their feelings

- Motivating proactive measures in youth mental        health management


What Have We Done

- VR Stress Relief Gameplay

- Immersive 3D Environment

- Meta Quest 2 Integration

- Data Collection and Analysis

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