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apm VR Helicopter Adventure

Immersive VR Experience Transforms Shopping Mall Visits

Embark on an adventure without leaving the mall! Our VR Shooting Game puts visitors in a lifelike helicopter, soaring through virtual forests. Hunt for treasures, earn points, and redeem rewards for a truly engaging and rewarding retail experience

Screenshot 2023-06-16 at 2.37.20 PM.png
Player on life-size helicopter with VR goggles, enjoying APM's VR Shooting Game

Client Profile
Client Name: apm Shopping Mall

Industry: Retail





-  Boost customer footfall & Sales

-  Offer Unique Experiences           

-  Leverage Digital Trends

-  Strength social media Management





What Have We Done

-  Immersive VR Technology

-  Game Design & Development          

-  3D Characters & Environment Design

-  Scoring and Rewards System

-  Integration with Social Media

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