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What is 3D Presentation?

3D Presentation puts the power to work at your fingertips! With this solution, you can easily view, edit, create and share Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and PDF via an interactive touch screen. The “Plug and Play” function allows you to start a presentation by simply connecting a USB drive or iPhone. The File Viewer, editing and dramatic touch-gesture user interface let you present your business ideas in a different way to colleagues, business partners and clients!

Various 3D Visualized Layouts

• 3D visualized PowerPoint slideshow

• 3D visualized content page

• 4 different 3D layouts

360 ° 3D Display

• High quality 3D graphics

• 360 ° 3D model review

• Fully integrated with PowerPoint slideshow

Crystal Clear Viewing

• Support Full-HD to 4K resolution display

• Support large screen display

• Perform super fine detail picture

• Zoom in to the smallest detail in documents

Multi-touch Gestures

• Pinch out gesture to dynamically review multiple pages on screen 

• Swipe left and right to scroll through Word or PDF Document carousel

• Zoom in for a closer look at the details

• Pan to different locations in the document

Instant Document Annotation

• Directly make annotation on slides

• Automatically save to the server

• Instantly share thoughts and ideas with teammates

Seamless Integration

• Send documents wirelessly from iPhone,MacBook or iPad to the screen 

• Share iPhoto gallery to the screen

• Control PowerPoint slides with iPhone,MacBook or iPad 

Multiple File Types

• Support most of Microsoft Office documents(Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)

• PDF files

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