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What Is Air Screen?

Air screens is a new wireless business collaboration that let you to share and stream your content to the large screen and multiple device over the air. With completely wireless multi-touch interaction, you can touch-browsing the internet, make the most of a number of bespoke apps right from your display and deliver a more effective and entertaining presentation.

One Touch Switching Between Content

• Real-time synchronize up to 256 meeting attendees’ laptops 

• Perfectly adapt to different screen sizes

• Allow meeting attendees to zoom in and out screens 

Swipe and Flip

• Air your Screen in a snap

• Exchange conference materials and information with a mere touch and swipe

Screen Annotations

• Take annotation on any apps 

• Instantly save and share your annotation into meeting attendees’ laptops

Wireless Display with 4K Ultra HD Fidelity

• Capable to deliver real time 4K Ultra HD video 

• Support 1080p Full HD video conference 

• Real-time audio and video synchronization

Support Multi Platforms

• Windows 

• Mac OS X

• Android

• iPhone / iPad

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