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Touch Game


Chevignon launched the Summer Denim Collection – COOL TO the MAX jeans and the brand wanted to have some corresponding promotion. It aimed to draw customers’ attention to the new launched product and also increase brand awareness.


As the product name of the new jeans collection was “COOL TO the MAX”, we created an interactive game – “Ice Breaker Challenge” for Chevignon at SOGO in Causeway Bay. Participants could use the hammer provided to start the game and hit the spots on the screen. Marks would be given in terms of accuracy and precision. The game would show “You’ve got it!” when participants perfectly completed the game. Afterward, a Chevignon Summer Denim Collection coupon will be printed out as a gift.



- 47” Touch Kiosk

- 84” Digital Signage Touch Screen

- Tailor-made interactive “Ice Breaker Challenge” program

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