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HealthTech Centre
Learning Center Solution


The HealthTech Centre of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwai Chung) is dedicated to promoting the awareness of community health and offers vocational and professional education and training, particularly to the young people and the elderly. The HealthTeach Centre needed an effective interactive solution to help them to raise the health awareness as well as providing nutritional information for the public.


Mass Modules provided a set of interactive solutions through which to introduce the latest development of health technology and information to visitors.


Fresh Market Shopping Game

Equipped with a 46” (3x3) video wall and motion detection sensors to track the player’s position and movements, the Kinect Motion Experience Game is designed in which to allow players to experience or interact with a simulated fresh market shopping environment. A player needed to select a favorite dish, picking up the correct ingredients, and then counting the total amount of calories. Player ranking and photo snapshots were displayed where player has the option to share the photo on social media.


Multiple-choice Quiz Kiosk

The quiz is to test how observant and concentrated were the players. Mass Modules provided two 46” Interactive Kiosks with the multiple-choice quizzes program, eCatalog system, and Content Management System installed. Participants had to read the up-to-date health information first in order to complete the quiz. Upon completing the quiz, a certificate with photo snapshot would be provided in which player could opt to print out.


Transparent Display Showcase

A 21.6” Transparent Display Showcase with the latest heart-rate monitor inside. Visitors could watch the educational video displaying on the front-side screen while seeing the physical product through the transparent screen.

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