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Image of Motion Capture

Motion Capture Event Solution

Elevate your event's allure with Mass Modules. Through cutting-edge motion capture, hand-tracking, and Kinect, we offer a realm where reality meets virtual seamlessly. Witness the evolution in event tech


#MotionCapture, #HandTracking, #Kinect:
Your Keys to Unforgettable Event Experiences

Bridging Real Actions to Virtual Realms

Event Motion Capture: Immersive & Engaging Solutions

Image of Hand Tracking

Customer Engagement

Image of video, comments and webiste connecting  to cloud

Integration with Multimedia

Image of adjusting interface

Customized Avatars & Virtual Hosts

Images of clock showing on the feedback

Real-time Interaction

Event We Transform

Image of megaphone

Branding Boost

Show off products with 3D animated presentations

Imagre of running

Sports Spectacle

Reenact game moments with real-time athlete simulations

Image of fireworks

Festival Fusion

Animate folklore characters for captivating story sessions

Image of a man dancing in happiness

Carnivals Charms

Enhance parade floats with interactive motion visuals

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