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Image of a touch of a fingertip

Interactive Touch & Projection Event Solution

Engage, Interact, Impress: The Power of Touch & Projection

Dive into an immersive event experience with our touch and projection solutions! Stay ahead in event innovation and captivate your attendees. From Interactive Table and Transparent Display Box to Interactive Kiosk and Photo Booth, bring your event to life and generate buzz.

Touch & Project Wonders

Image of interactivity by touching to connect


Image of innovation- a rocket dusplayed on the screen


Image of entertainment-playing mini game on touch screen


Image of customization & Versatility-displaying the expanding symbol with the web interface

Customization & Versatility

Image of a touch of whole hand

Interactive Touch | Interactive Event Solution

Interactive touch table used for dynamic event displays

Interactive Touch Table

Engaging table technology for collaborative event experiences

Transparent display showcasing items within illuminated setups

Transparent Display Showcase

Blend transparency with interactivity, showcasing in style

Standalone kiosk with touch-enabled interface for events

Interactive Touch Kiosk

Interactive hubs for event attendees to explore and learn

Image of Interactive Floor Projection solution
Image of a Projector

Interactive Floor Projection |
Interactive Event Solution

Image of a Camera

Photo Booth Integration |
  Interactive Event Solution

Image of Photo Booth in CNY thee

Event We Transform

Image of megaphone

Branding Brilliance

Transform brand image with interactive touch and vivid projections

Image of spotlights

Product Unveiling

Launch products memorably with immersive interactive displays

Image of fireworks

Festival Interactvity

Enhance festivals with touch-responsive, projected experiences

Image of Interactive touch

Showroom Spectacle

Display products dynamically in a touch-interactive environment.

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