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Motion Tracking

We are expertise in utilizing varieties of the latest detection components to sensing different types of gestures and movements, such as Mocap, Kinect, and Leap Motion to tracking hands, body and movement, and building a richer and more innovative interactive experience with all kinds of users.

Mocap (Motion Capture)

Utilizes industrial high precision cameras and reflective markers to track interactions and digital mirroring the movement of objects or people, our system has been engineered with imperceptible latency as well. 

Kinect – Kinect Sensor

Kinect sensor enables to identify users’ skeleton and control the console by their gestures and body movement without using physical remote control, which is one of the popular touchless interactive experiences in recent years.

MoCC_(Leap Motion Game)1.3.JPG
Hand Tracking

A small, fast and accurate sensor of hand tracking technology detects dynamic hand gestures with low latency and high accuracy, allows users to interact with virtual or augmented reality.

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