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High-Five Game


To celebrate the 5th anniversary, The ONE launched a marketing campaign to increase its brand awareness and people’s engagement with each other.


In order to increase people’s engagement with each other, a “High-Five” interactive game is created to enhance their interaction. Two 50” display kiosks are located on UG2 and L2 respectively. Participants are required to do a high five to the screen following the game instruction. Accuracy rate will be shown on the screen and a coupon for redemption will be printed out as a reward. Participants can also scan the QR code on the coupon to get a softcopy of the photo and share to the social network. The interactive game does not only help increase the brand awareness of The ONE, but also increases the sales volume of the retail stores inside the mall. 


- 50” interactive kiosks

- Tailor-made interactive “High-Five” program

- Real-time application

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