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ULOS - Kinect Game 


ULOS – a Japanese product that is designed for men to clean & refresh skin. A customized motion game is provided at the product launch event to draw attention. Game players will receive free product samples.


As the new skincare product is designed for men, we created a motion game to introduce the product function and make it understandable. 

Kinect Sensor with 58" Touch Kiosk 

58" ultra-slim touch kiosk with a small and plug-and-play Kinect sensor is one of the flexible event rental solutions. 

Tailor-made Interactive "Cleansing” Program 

- Event participants can enter their name, email, phone number before starting the game.

- Players should be mirroring the movements on the screen and complete them as quickly as possible.

- The real-time ranking list with time records and scores will show at the end of the game. 


Professional Services 

- Delivery, Installation, and Testing 

- On-site technician support 

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