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VTC - Interactive
Retail Lab


To show the latest retail technology on Information Day, IVE requested a set of interactive solutions that can draw the eyeballs of public, but also show the potential students and their parents the innovative teaching ideas.


In order to show the latest technology for retail industry, Mass Modules has specially developed a series of interactive solutions for IVE Retail Lab. One of the solutions is “Smart Show Window”, visitors can select their favorite item on smart device, and then the screen in the show window will display all the detailed information about that particular item.


The second solution is “Transparent Display Showcase”, visitors can pick different nail-polish colors on the screen to demonstrate the nail polish performances in real- life.


The other solution is “Interactive Kiosk” with “Content Management System”, potential students and their parents can find all the course information and educational philosophy of IVE on the kiosk.



Smart Show Window

Transparent Display Showcase

Interactive Kiosk

Content Management System

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