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Yoga Master: Master Your Poses with Kinect Motion Capture Embrace a New Era of Yoga with Interactive Learning

Experience Yoga Master, an innovative Kinect Motion Capture game designed to elevate your yoga practice. By detecting your movements and joints, it guides you through accurate yoga poses, providing real-time feedback to perfect your form. Immerse yourself in a new realm of fitness, learning, and enjoyment.

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Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 6.35.42 PM.png




Client Profile

Client Name: Yoga Master




​- Interactive Learning

- Engagement & Interactive

- Brand Visibility & Exposure

- Audience Retention

- Innovation & Differentiation


What Have We Done

- Kinect Motion Capture Technology

- Accuracy & Precision

- User-Friendly Interface

- Customizable Program

- Data Analysis & Insights

- Marketing Tool Integration

- Integration of Wellness & Technolgy

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